Limerick Combat Gym

Limericks Premiere Kickboxing club

Limerick Combat Gym, Roxboro Community Hall,

Telephone  Kieran 085 1432670, Sarah 085 7289116

Or Tony 089 6025771

Adult Classes  Adult classes are Monday, Wednesday 7:15 pm - 9:00 pm

Get Fit, Stay Fit

Kickboxing now attracts an extensive female following, as women now assert not only their financial but also their physical independence, Martial Arts gives them the ability to defend themselves, their children and their property.

Due to the demands of modern living people are increasingly aware of their personal well being and self development.  A popular way to improve your level of physical, mental and spiritual health is through martial arts.

The kickboxing classes taught at Limerick Combat Gym are far more intense than aerobics classes at a typical gym. This is a physical, gut-checking fighting class where you learn how to kick, punch & workout against a heavy punching bag.     

        Physical and Mental benefits from Kickboxing

Cardio Boxing and Kickboxing workouts are one of the best ways

to reduce body fat not to mention a great way increase your fitness on all levels from Cardiovascular, Physical strength, Aerobic and Flexibility

 In addition to the fitness, fat loss and muscle tone benefits mentioned above, there are also many mental benefits that are equally as important.

Boxing and Kickboxing helps to build and boost your self-confidence through the self defence techniques and combinations learned during the sessions.

It’s important for both men and women to feel like they have some idea of how to deal with conflict and confrontation,

develop the confidence to protect themselves.

Limerick Combat Gym. Limericks #1 kickboxing club Roxboro Community Hall, Limerick