Limerick Combat Gym

Limericks Premiere Kickboxing club

Limerick Combat Gym, Roxboro Community Hall,

Telephone  Kieran 085 1432670, Sarah 085 7289116

Or Tony 089 6025771

Kids Classes Kids classes are Monday, Wednesday 6:00 pm -7:00 pm


Limerick Combat Gym. Limericks #1 kickboxing club Roxboro Community Hall, Limerick              

                    Give your child the belief to succeed

Minimum age for kids is 7 yrs old

          Children can benefit in many ways from practising martial arts,

Children are in a unique growth period in their life.

They are refined in their gross motor skills

while establishing a foundation in basic fundamental skills.

These basic fundamental skills include: focus, teamwork, control, balance, memory, discipline, fitness, and coordination.

In any other sport of activity, all of these 8 skills are important to have.

The more exposure to proper development in each of these skills,

the better your child will be.

For this reason, we have tailored a training course that increases the intensity of each skill at every level.

In the our kids Program, your child will train in an environment that is just right for them.

They will train with other children in their age group, and not have to be limited or overwhelmed by younger and older children.